AORTA Pojects: Secret Gardeners, Growth

“AORTA Pojects: Secret Gardeners, Growth,” Prospect 1 New Orleans Satellite Site, 11/08.

THE SECRET GARDENERS (Karen Abboud, Babette Beaullieu, Stacey Stanfill, Belinda Tanno) Growth
5670 Hawthorne Pl (backyard), Lakeview I UNVEILING: SAT NOV 8, 2-5 PM Further viewing by appointment only

“The Secret Gardeners are constructing an environmental installation to promote awareness of life’s interconnectedness and honor the new growth sprung from a 100 year old pecan tree ravaged by the Federal levee breaks of Hurricane Katrina. Combining built and rescued/found objects with the natural components of a wildly overgrown Lakeview backyard. The Secret Gardeners are creating a space for meditation and wonderment in the midst of destruction.”
Site Sponsor: Karen Abboud     (2008 AORTA Projects brochure)

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